Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Hackers of Tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Hackers of Tomorrow

Artificial intelligence is the most influential technology as of today and it is being implemented in almost every software, platform, and tool out there. It is affecting all of us and one of the battlefronts is the never-ending struggle between security specialists and hackers.

IT security specialists are devising new ways to simplify their tasks by using artificial intelligence to automate their complicated and tiresome operations. Machine-learning algorithms are also used to spot similarities between various cyber-threats, especially when the attacks are coordinated by other automated programs.

AI technology is helping the cybersecurity specialists win their battles over the evil hackers, but we’ve got another thing coming. These AI technologies could easily become a threat in the wrong hands. It has so much potential that even the most secure cyber-defense could be vulnerable to it. Especially since the use of botnet technology is already a thing and AI could easily be incorporated into it.

On the other hand, the engineers of today are working on other aspects of security, specifically, fraud detection. AI-powered biometrics can identify, measure, and analyze humans by using image processing algorithms that could be used to predict any potential crimes, say, a bank robbery or a theft.

AI is already being implemented today and it is not going to go away soon. The best thing we could do now is to prepare. After all, we cannot do anything to stop it and we, humans, are the ones that will benefit from this technology even though there are some consequences along the way.

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