Charging a Smartphone using Body Movement

Charging a Smartphone using Body Movement

Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone. It can almost be considered as a basic necessity of life. Smartphones can be used for a lot of things like sending e-mails, taking pictures, recording audios, and even playing games for entertainment. Smartphones are everywhere, and it is not going to go away anytime soon.

Huge smartphone companies like Samsung and Apple are always innovating the designs and features of their smartphone products. But they share a common problem, its battery life. One might last longer than the other, but at the end of the day, all smartphones must be plugged into a power outlet for it to be used the next day. This is where the scientists from Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) focused their study. They developed a solution for powering the next generation of electronic devices by harnessing energy from human movements. They made use of the Triboelectric Nanogenerators (TENGs) that can capture energy from common energy sources such as wind, wave, and machine vibration. Given that concept, no one has to ever charge their smartphone using a power outlet ever again.

The researchers from ATI studied and analyzed the most efficient energy harvesters that will be used for their device. Their study introduced the “TENG power transfer equation” and the “TENG impedance plots”, which can help improve the overall design and power output of TENGs. A lot of power could be saved if this device becomes the next big thing for renewable resources in terms of technological advancements. It could be used for powering wearables, Internet of Things, and self-powered electronic applications.

The Director of the ATI, Professor Ravi Silva, aims for a world where energy is free. He added that TENGs could play a major role in making this dream a reality and that they are putting in effort for this to happen in the near future.

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