Chernobyl Resurges

Chernobyl Resurges

It has been 32 years since the horrific Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster occurred. Since then, the incident has been a warning to future projects, mostly regarding safety issues, to avoid another tragic event similar to it. One exceptional project, however, resulted in the transformation of the site to be a Solar Power Plant.

The Solar Chernobyl project, as it is called, started back in 2013 when the idea of building a solar power plant in the areas affected by the Chernobyl tragedy was proposed by the Solar Consortium RODINA — ENERPAC AG. Presently, the power plant has 3,700 solar panels covering a total area of 1.6 hectares and is 100 meters away from Reactor No. 4, the site where the incident started back in 1986.

The operation of the power plant started in first of July this year, powering up the grid of the United Energy Systems of Ukraine. Currently, it has a capacity of 1 Megawatts, which is implemented under the “green tariff” policy of Ukraine. Although plans concerning the increase of production to 100 Megawatts in the near future are being considered.


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