A Symphony of Data

A Symphony of Data

As modern computer networks become increasingly complex, managing these connections has become a time-consuming task. However, researchers from Saint Louis University have developed a novel method for network management that makes use of music to literally conduct network orchestration.

Music-defined networking is a concept wherein network functions are set to respond to certain sound sequences. For instance, sounds can be emitted by devices to signal connection failure or serve as a warning system to inform administrators that an unauthorized user has accessed the network. This networking model can be implemented using Raspberry Pi and some low-cost microphones and speakers, making it more economical compared to current network orchestration schemes.

Currently, the researchers responsible for this innovation are looking into augmenting the applications of music-defined networking. Possible applications of the model include network congestion notification, as well as automated load balancing. While most of the current implementations of the model are for active purposes, Dr. Flavio Esposito, the lead proponent of the project, is optimistic that music-based networking can be improved to accommodate all network monitoring and automation tasks.

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