Machine Whisperers

Machine Whisperers

Laboratory equipment are essential tool throughout research and health care. Is it possible that these instrument had the capability to leak confidential information? The researchers from the University of California cited situations about bio-security in such laboratories possibly being at risk by simply recording the sounds of a common laboratory instrument.

Traces of any machine activity in the form of physical residue, electromagnetic radiation and acoustic noise are the type of information that can be extracted according to Philip Brisk. These type of information are essential in reverse engineering the information to be of great value. The academic, industrial, and government labs are at risk of malicious intent just by recording the sound of the laboratory tools used in the research and it will be possible to reconnoiter then recreate the classified researchers.

The researchers endorsed that laboratories must have strict control access to the machines and removing innocuous-seeming recording devices left near the machine as these devices absorb the specific information mentioned above. This research will be presented at the 2019 Network and Distributed System Security Symposium.

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