A Bipedal Robot that can Mimic Human Balance

A Bipedal Robot that can Mimic Human Balance

Most strides in robotic movement are focused on making four-legged robots move better. However, bipedal robots present a challenge in which engineers are struggling to find a center of gravity for man-made bipedal creations.

Engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have now developed a way in which a bipedal, remotely controlled robot to act as humanely as possible when it comes to moving smoothly while executing highly demanding tasks that demand balance and control.

The robot was designed to react to feedback. The feedback is then transmitted through a vest that can direct the robot’s way of moving based on the feel of movement of the robot remotely. This is called the “balance feedback” approach. It requires a human operator that will act appropriately based on the needed adjustments that the robot movement requires.

These innovations are being implemented with the idea of building a robot humanoid with balance control similar to a human. Pursuing this type of research may revolutionize how disaster management is handled in the future, significantly decreasing the need for human involvement in high-risk environments.


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