Wearable Tech: Patch-Based Health Diagnosis Sensor System

Wearable Tech: Patch-Based Health Diagnosis Sensor System

Research team from Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) led by Professor Hyuk-Jun Kwon in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering, developed a wearable health diagnosis device in association with Professor Sunkook Kim's research team from Sungkyunkwan University. Wearable technologies have difficulties due to bodily fluids that causes barriers in collecting biometric information. The team focused on developing sensors that can collect stable biometric data from various situations including intense workouts and emergencies.

The developed sensor was made of biometric friendly waterproof material which solves the skin-attachment problem. The developed precise structure was made by the use of lasers, and the stability of the sensor to collect biometric information. There is a zigzag paper craft structure within, this can greatly increase the durability of the device.

The biometric data can be saved in a cloud since the sensor can be connected to the person’s smartphone using only Bluetooth 24/7. It will greatly vary the timely response to emergencies such as the elderlies, infants, and young children who needs care, as well as the soldiers and firefighters who are constantly exposed to dangerous environments.


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