Bringing Back Einstein Voice in the form of an AI Bot

Bringing Back Einstein Voice in the form of an AI Bot

Aflorithmic, an audio content production company, and UneeQ, a digital human platform company, have come together to synthesize the voice of renowned theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, in the form of an AI Bot.

Both companies decided to add a feature in which allows the users to ask AI questions to a more realistic Einstein similar to how they would be engaging with the real-life physicist. Einstein was chosen by the companies due to his famous reputation as an actual genius, historical icon, technology enthusiast and someone in which they felt that many people would actually want to ask many questions

The researchers only managed to uncover historical records of Einstein which are in heavy German accent in which he spoke, slowly, wisely and kindly in a high-pitched tone. These recordings are in poor quality. They struggled in capturing the solid frame of how Einstein would sound. Since that many users worried on the accuracy of Einstein’s voice, the researchers decided to create a unique voice for Einstein that might not be identical to the physicist’s voice but will become one that users of this bot will recognize

With the creation of the new rendered accent of Einstein, a sense of dry humor in which as well as a friendliness to reflect that of his real-life counterpart was also added. In addition, the AI was also able to speak as if reflecting upon his own knowledge when interacting with users.

Along with the voice cloning aspect, UneeQ created its visual character for with advanced computational knowledge engine to make it more realistic. The Digital Einstein was also able to to respond quickly to user questions as they created a real-time turnaround for input text received by the computational knowledge engine to Aflorithmic’s API to achieve this.

Both organizations believe that this would be a beginning of interactive potential of conversational AI with humans.